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Windows are an important part of the home. Not only do they allow in natural light, but they also provide a means of escape during an emergency and help keep the home insulated. Yet few homeowners take the time to have them properly cleaned. Not doing so can lead to problems down the line. At Militello Painting, we provide high-quality window cleaning services with old-school customer service. Here’s what you need to know about our window cleaning services in Ambler, PA, Montgomery County, PA, and Jenkintown.


Why You Should Undergo Window Cleaning in Jenkintown


Along with roof washing in Montgomery County, PA, window cleaning is an often overlooked home maintenance project. Homeowners typically wash the inside of their windows and call it a day. Few take the time to clean the outside of their windows or the sills. This could lead to a serious problem.


Because your windows have to be sealed inside of the home to help insulate it, those areas can start to degrade if they’re not washed. Mold and mildew, along with dirt and grime, can collect on the seams of your window. They can slowly start to eat away the insulation.


Regularly undergoing professional window cleaning in Ambler, PA and Jenkintown ensures that your windows stay preserved. Not only will your windows last longer but your home will experience smaller energy bills as well.


Professional Window Cleaners in Ambler & Jenkintown, PA

Why You Should Choose Our Window Cleaning Company in Jenkintown


When it comes to cleaning windows, it’s easy for the process to go wrong. An inexperienced window cleaning company might be unfamiliar with the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively clean the windows. As a result, they may break the windows or make the seal deteriorate further.


Our contractors have the experience you need. Along with cleaning windows, we also have experience in:

  • Painting
  • Power washing
  • Roof cleaning

When you need a job done right the first time, you can rely on us. We keep our prices affordable, so you can enjoy the very best home without having to empty out your wallet. Besides our great prices and experience, we carry with us old-school customer service. You’ll be treated with respect by our contractors. We’re always ready to serve with a smile.


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If you’re tired of your windows looking grimy or you’re worried that they may not be insulating your home properly, then it’s time to hire our contractors to clean them. You’ll be amazed at how new your windows look by the time we’re done. You may even find that your home becomes brighter thanks to light filtering inside of it easier. Contact our team today.