5 Siding Options for Your Home in Dresher, PA

5 Siding Options for your home

Whether seeking to update your siding out of necessity or a desire for something new, there are choices to make in design and material before settling on your home’s new facade.

As you will likely be working with a professional installation company, you will have someone discussing the options and what works best for your home.

However, going into that meeting with an idea in mind helps to really nail down the right choice for your taste — or it can bypass the need for outside help and you can choose to make this a DIY upgrade.

To assist with these choices, here are five siding options for your home in Dresher, PA.

1. Traditional Wood

Beginning with the tried-and-true, opting to use a solid wood siding can be both beautiful and durable — in fact, many centuries-old homes still have their original wood siding.

The upside to wood siding is the versatility that makes it easier for a DIYer to work with considering the ability to do custom cuts with your own tools and its curb appeal when either stained or painted.

Things to consider, on the other hand, is the opportunity for termites, carpenter ants, or wood lice to find a comfy home in your siding or the lack of built-in insulation that you can find in both aluminum and vinyl.

2. Aluminum

This material is great if you are looking for an economical siding that is easy to clean and less likely to suffer cracks from weather damage.

Aluminum can be custom fitted to your home and takes on paint well, which gives you endless color combination options and also comes with insulation as mentioned above.

The thing to consider with aluminum is that it can dent when struck hard enough and thus should be thought through in areas with higher occurrences of heavy hail — or children who may have stray toys and balls smacking the side of your home.

3. Vinyl

Similar to aluminum, vinyl is customizable, paintable, and more economical — also with built-in insulation.

However, vinyl has two major drawbacks for homes in warmer climates — either the siding can crack in extended sun exposure or melt in extreme temperatures like those in the Southwest United States.

If your summer temps are less intense, then vinyl could be the similarly priced alternative to a dentable aluminum.

One point about vinyl to consider is its environmental impact — if this is important to you, then vinyl is not the siding you want as it has the biggest carbon footprint of all the siding materials.

4. Cement Fiber

One of the more popular options in today’s market, cement fiber offers the look of wood siding with included warranties that can last up to fifty years!

Cement fiber is resistant to most siding pests and offers protection against fires — a feature that makes this siding very attractive to homeowners in areas that suffer from annual wildfires.

This siding can be painted to fit your style ideas and requires less maintenance than wood siding.

5. Stucco

Finally, we come to a siding that is used both on its own and over some masonry options — in fact, stucco has been popular in recent years when updating older homes for a fresh look.

A great benefit of using stucco is that the mix itself can be tinted which removes the need to paint once it has been installed — although you can paint over it in the future if you wish to change the color.

As with all these options, you need to figure out what works best for your home in particular and whether you would like something that is easy to install yourself or requires a professional as stucco often does to achieve the best finished product.

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