Jim Phelps

Get To Know Jim:

Jim’s history with Militello Painting is somewhat unique. Jim and Christian Militello have been friends going back to Seventh Grade. Back then their time was spent skateboarding and snowboarding, playing sports, video games, and going on vacation with each other’s families. After graduating from Wissahickon High School, they followed different paths, both moving away from the Ambler area but eventually returning. In 2006 Jim was in need of a job, and Christian was gracious enough to bring him on board with his fledgling painting business, which was little more than a van and a home computer. In addition to learning how to execute a professional paint job, Jim also learned the importance of customer service during that time with Militello Painting. These are the bedrocks upon which Militello still operates today – quality work with a quality experience. 

Over the course of the ensuing years since that first employment experience with Militello Painting, Jim would pursue other opportunities and then return to Militello, leveraging his experiences in different ways with the company. Over that same time period, Militello experienced impressive growth, having gone from a one van operation to one of the most recognized and trusted painting and powerwashing companies in Montgomery County. In the spring of 2021, the time seemed right for Jim to return to Militello Painting again, and for good.

Jim is now one of two Project Managers at Militello Painting, and is responsible for making sure that Militello continues to stay true to its roots. Our customers place their trust in us to not only deliver a fantastic paint job, but to also make sure that the process is as stress free and pleasant as possible. Jim works to deliver this positive experience with our customers through open and timely communication, transparency, and oversight of our crews who perform the work. Jim understands that in order for our crews to perform to our expectations, they need excellent support. It’s important to Jim that our customers see that our crews are happy and fulfilled in their work – our years of experience have taught us that happy crews make happy customers.  

Jim’s motto for his role at Militello is “paint and relate”. He enjoys the opportunity to meet a diverse array of customers and their families. Professionally, his greatest reward is seeing the genuine expressions of gratitude for a space transformed, and the quality of life improvement it can bring to our customers. 
Jim is married with two young daughters. He enjoys cooking, homebrewing, camping, diy projects, and spending time with his family. Jim also loves animals, and another part of the job that he really enjoys is getting to meet all of our customer’s furry family members. Please don’t hesitate to let them say hello when Jim comes by. 
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