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Interior & Exterior House Painters in Doylestown, PA

Interior & Exterior House Painters in Doylestown, PA

As a homeowner in Bucks County, you probably do what you can to keep your home in good condition. Having painting done when needed is an important part of this. Whether you live in Doylestown, PA, Solebury, PA or another town in Bucks County, it’s comforting to know you can find professional painters when you need house painting done.


Exterior painting is particularly important to help protect your home from the elements. That said, nothing breathes new life into one or more rooms in your home than interior painting. Whenever you need professional contractors who are equally adept interior painters and exterior painters, you should contact Militello Painting.


Professional Painters for Your Home

Our company is based in Ambler, Pennsylvania, which is in Montgomery County. We are close to most towns in Bucks County, including Doylestown, PA and Solebury, PA. Our team of residential painters can handle any home painting job you have for us.


Exterior Painting

We are consummate exterior painters who approach every job as if it is our own home that we are working on. Our house painters will size up the condition of the existing paint on the exterior of your home and give you an accurate estimate for a complete, high-quality job that will stand the test of time. In fact, our home painters guarantee their work will last because we give you a seven-year paint warranty with every home painting job.


Interior Painting

Are the walls, ceiling and trim looking faded or dull in some of the rooms of your home? Let our residential painting experts transform them into like-new shape. At Militello Painting, we realize that color choice is extremely critical, given that you’ll be living with your colors for years to come. This is why we offer you a free 90-minute color consultation with a professional color consultant, so you’ll be sure to pick the right colors for your home.

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Our Happy Local Customers

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Residential & Commercial Painters in Bucks County, PA

After all this prep work, our residential painters will apply two coats of paint to the walls, doors, windows and trim. We’ll likely utilize a combination of brushing, rolling and spraying the paint on, depending on what will work best for a given area or situation. Any added spackling that’s needed will be done between these first and second coats of paint to ensure the finished job is clean and flawless.


Our professional house painters stand ready to estimate and then get to work on your Montgomery County or Bucks County residential painting job. Whether you need house painting services in Blue Bell, PA, Doylestown, PA, Solebury, PA or another nearby town, our painters are ready to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Home Painters and More

While we are hard to beat as residential painters, our talents don’t stop there. We are also one of the premier commercial painting companies in Montgomery County, PA. So, if the outside of your business is repelling customers or if the indoors are looking lackluster, our painters can breathe new life into your establishment. Don’t lose customers because your business looks rundown when a fresh coat of paint professionally applied by one of our contractors may be just the thing to spruce it up again.


At Militello Painting, our contractors are also experienced power washing pros. If the exterior vinyl siding or other material is simply dirty, then it may need cleaning rather than a couple of coats of paint. If cleaning off the dirt reveals faded paint as well, then our painters can get to work right after the power washers.


Whether you need commercial or residential painting work done, please contact our company at your earliest convenience. Our service area spans the Bucks and Montgomery County areas just North of Philadelphia. Our painters have probably done work for a neighbor of yours already. We cover Solebury, PA, Doylestown, PA and any other town in our area. We are a family-owned company and are proud of the fact that we do all our own work without using subcontractors. We are committed to hitting a home run on every job we do. Whether you need experienced exterior or interior painters or power washing services, please call our team at Militello Painting.


Residential Painting Services in Solebury, PA

If you’re located in Bucks County, PA and you’re looking for expert painting contractors, look no further. Militello Painting and Powerwashing are made up of residential and commercial painting contractors who are eager to help transform your living space or business.


Our residential painters can make your home in Doylestown, PA or Solebury, PA look brand new. You may only be looking for interior painting services, but we offer exterior house painting as well. Our exterior house painting services can allow your home to make a great first impression for those who pass by.


Our house painting services are always affordable, regardless of your budget. Our painters work with you to ensure you get the services you’re looking for at the right price. We also offer the best power washing services in Doylestown, PA, so you can do all of your interior and exterior home maintenance at once.


If you’re in Solebury, PA or other parts of Bucks County, PA and you’re in need of painting services, contact our team today! We look forward to hearing from you.


The Best Painting Contractors in Bucks County, PA and Solebury, PA

House painting is an affordable way to renovate your home. You don’t need to completely destroy walls or add new rooms to make your room feel bigger or more comfortable. A simple change in the color of the paint on the walls can do that. Yet it’s important that the house painting is done by professional house painters in Doylestown, PA. At Militello Painting, you can rely on our experience and integrity for your exterior house painting and interior painting service. Here’s everything you need to know about our painting contractors in Solebury, PA and Doylestown, PA.


Why You Can Benefit from Exterior House Painting and Interior Painting Services
Painting your home can change the mood of the house. You can turn a boring white wall into a soft blue yellow or yellow to make it more calming or cheerful. You can also use the color to enhance an aesthetic. Our house painters can help you decide which shade is best for your needs.


The exterior of your home is also important. Our experienced painters can show you how your home can look brand new with a fresh coat of paint.

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When you need the best residential painting services in your area, then you need to rely on our painter. Our team is:

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Call our painter today to receive the best service possible.

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