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Trust Our Pressure Washing Team in Newtown Square, PA

Militello Painting and Powerwashing offers the best power washing services in Newtown Square, PA and the Delaware County, PA area. We offer a variety of power washing services that your home or business can benefit from.

Power washing uses a high-pressure stream of hot water to get rid of mold, dirt, and other substances on flat surfaces such as patios and concrete. Our team makes sure every inch of your home or business is cleaned after we are done with power washing it in Newtown Square, PA. We utilize soft washing and low pressure washing for your home and roof.

Pressure washing and power washing are incredibly similar tasks. Pressure washing also uses high-pressure water, but it is not as heated as the water we use when we power wash a surface. If you are interested in our pressure washing or power washing services in Newtown Square, PA, get in touch with us today!

Concrete pressure washing is a very popular form of power washing. Concrete pressure washing combines the use of high pressure and low pressure that can get rid of stubborn stains or dirt that persists on concrete surfaces.

Our Team Provides Amazing Results in Springfield, PA

Besides concrete pressure washing, we also offer the best soft washing services in Newtown Square, PA and the rest of Delaware County, PA. Soft washing uses a lower pressure spray. The spray also includes more chemicals to break down dirt and other substances on the surface. We provide the best soft washing services in Newtown Square, PA.

Contact Militello Painting and Powerwashing for power washing services in Newtown Square, PA or other parts of Delaware County, PA. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Best Roof Cleaning Services in Delaware County, PA

The Best Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Services in Delaware County, PA

Instead of replacing the siding on your home, all you may really need is a low pressure power washing service. After the service is over, you may find that your home looks brand new. Roof washing is also an important step to take for homeowners in Delaware County, PA and Broomall, PA. At Militello Painting, we offer high-quality roof washing and power cleaning services. Here’s everything you need to know about our cleaning services in Newtown Square, PA and Broomall, PA. roof washing delaware county PA

Why You Can Benefit from Roof Cleaning and Power Cleaning in Newtown Square, PA

Over time, your roof will start to collect grime and moss. When moss grows on the shingles of the roof, it can start to trap moisture. Eventually, that moisture can seep into your attic and cause water damage. Roof washing is a great way to keep that from happening.

After roof cleaning, your shingles will be free of mold and moss. Their lifespan will increase. Low pressure washing can also help keep your home safe and looking brand new.


Choose Our Services in Delaware County, PA and Broomall, PA

When you need the best and thorough cleaning service for your home, then you need to choose our team. Not only do we understand how to operate the machinery the best, but we can help ensure your home is kept safe throughout the process. Don’t put your home at risk by relying on inexperienced cleaning companies.


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Our Team Provides Amazing Power Washing Results in Spring Field, PA
If you’re looking for soft washing and house washing services, you can count on Militello Painting and Powerwashing. Offering services in Springfield PA and the surrounding areas, you can be sure that your home will get a thorough cleaning with us. Our soft washing process uses a low pressure spray loaded with chemicals that break down dirt, grime, and other substances on the surface, to completely clean every inch.

Areas We Serve in Delaware County, PA:

  • Newtown Square
  • Broomall
  • Springfield
  • & More

Don’t replace your home’s siding — instead, opt for a low pressure power washing service from us! Once we’ve done the job, you’re guaranteed to be impressed with the results and a home that looks as good as the day you moved in. Roof washing and roof cleaning are also essential for homeowners in Springfield, PA, so count on Militello Painting and Powerwashing to provide you with the highest-quality house washing services.


As our roofs moss and grime through the years, it can start to trap moisture, eventually seeping into the attic and causing water damage. To stop this from happening, roof washing and soft cleaning are great preventative measures to take. Militello Painting and Powerwashing can free shingles and the roof from mold and moss, adding years to its lifespan and keep it looking brand new.


Choose Militello Painting and Powerwashing

Homeowners in Springfield, PA come to us when they need the best house washing services. We don’t just have the knowledge and know-how when it comes to the operation of the best machines for the job, but we also ensure that your home gets the most thorough cleaning possible. For power washing services in Newtown Square, PA, and other areas of Delaware County, PA, give our team a call for a free consultation.

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