Tom Powers

Get To Know Tom:

At 24 years old, Tom has turned his previous painting experience into knowledge that is used to precisely estimate every painting job. Working his way through college by painting gave him the knowledge of the hard work and dedication that must be done to complete a job correctly. He believes the most important aspect of painting are the customer’s wants and needs and how we, as a company, will fulfill them.

Outside of painting, Tom enjoys a diverse lifestyle by participating in a weekly soccer league with friends, trying new foods, and traveling with his girlfriend to as many new places as possible. If he’s not participating in any of these things, he mostly spends time either watching movies or playing with his two cats.

While living with 5 other roommates, Tom understands the different schedules that customers may wrestle with daily. To try to ensure that no customers have to move their schedule for an estimate, he tries to be available as much as possible weekday nights and most weekends.
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