Best Paint Colors for 2020

Best Paint Colors for 2020


Now that the new decade is here, it may be time for you to update your home. New paint color in any room can refresh and rejuvenate your space and cost a lot less than a home renovation. With design trends coming and going more quickly than ever, it can be difficult to decide what color you should paint your home. Take a look at the colors designers are saying are on-trend for interiors in 2020.


Both Pantone and Sherwin-Williams have announced blues as their color of the year. Pantone’s Classic Blue is “elegant in its simplicity” and said to be “suggestive of the sky at dusk,” by the brand itself. It provides a basis for all your other design choices.

Color of the Year 2020
Naval by Sherwin Williams.


Naval by Sherwin-Williams is a similar, somewhat deeper navy blue that is said to bring you out of your comfort zone with nods to the roaring 20s. Either of these blues is a great choice for bringing color into your home without being too daring.

Earth Tones

Beautiful natural, earthy colors will make their way into homes this year in the form of paint, wallpaper, and home décor pieces. These earthy tones come in a variety of colors.

Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams
Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams


Peacock, a moody blue-ish green, can bring depth and a pop of color into your home. Cavern Clay, a terracotta-inspired orange-brown that was Sherwin-Williams color of 2019, can give your home a bohemian and natural feel. Hunter green, a more timeless color, is sophisticated but not boring and can give your room a masculine feel. Lastly, burnt orange is in the spotlight in the new year. This punchy color is great for bold pops of color in a room, strong accents, and bringing some brightness into your home.


White has been a standard color in homes for years, but it has been showing up more and more like a design choice rather than a default color. White rooms with white ceilings provide a great canvas for a room, allowing you a lot of flexibility with your other design choices, such as furnishings and light fixtures. Additionally, designers have been contrasting different types of white to give a room subtle depth and interest.

new paint color home
Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams

Light Pinks

In 2017, “millennial pink” appeared and became part of our everyday design jargon. Millennial pink was a pastel pink that varied in tone and took design by storm for a few years. Since then, pink has stuck around, but it’s become more and more muted. This year, very light pale pinks are going to be popular for home design.


First Light by Benjamin Moore
First Light by Benjamin Moore


Benjamin Moore deemed their color of the year First Light, a “soft, airy pink” that is a “refreshing alternative to white or beige,” according to their website. This pink, and others like it, can be used as a modern alternative to the simplistic neutrals of the past.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones have been popular in many homes for years, deriving their name from hues of ruby, emerald, and sapphire jewels. The deep, rich feeling that jewel tones provide can make a space feel abundant and luxurious, and cozy at the same time.

Essex Green by Benjamin Moore
Essex Green by Benjamin Moore. Photo from Angela Rose Home


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