A Brief Step-By-Step Guide to Soft Wash Home and Roof Cleaning

Guide to Soft Wash Home and Roof Cleaning

Your roof may have years of buildup, but it’s still a delicate addition to your home. So, you cannot use any pressure washer to spray the roof and possibly cause damage. Soft washing techniques are safe enough to use on any exterior surface and powerful enough to clean your entire home. Here’s a brief guide on how to get started.

Know If Soft Washing Is the Right Choice

Soft washing is the safer solution to cleaning your house’s exterior with reduced risks of damage. It involves using a reduced pressure of 500 psi to 2,000 psi. Instead of using the high pressure, powerful cleaning detergents are used to remove dirt and bacteria from your home. Soft washing also removes rust, mold and mildew that grows on the walls and roof.

Remove Debris

Remove leaves, twigs and debris from your home and roof using a leaf blower. This step is necessary to improve the results of soft washing.

Use Cleaning Solutions

Soft washing is not achieved with water only. Professionals use diluted cleaning solutions that contain water and a strong cleaning detergent or bleach. This solution contains antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. The second step is to rinse the surface with water. Using both of these methods, soft wash professionals claim that every organism will be killed and never grow back. Many companies provide warranties to support their claims.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

An initial treatment using soft washing techniques will extend the lifespan of your home by five to 10 years. You’ll need to schedule regular maintenance to prolong the results. The frequency of maintenance that you need depends on your house’s age and condition. Some homeowners get monthly cleanings while others get annual maintenance. Cost is another factor to consider as the service costs vary from $200 to $1,000 or more.

Cleaning your roof and home exterior is safe and effective using soft washing. Using a regular pressure washer could damage your roof shingles or tiles and create the need for costly repairs. Soft washing ensures that your house remains intact and that years of buildup debris and bacteria are removed. Start by reviewing our power washing in Langhorne, PA to clean your home and roof. We provide the ladders, hoses and cleaning solutions to ensure that your cleaning project is as successful as possible.


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