Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve

Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve

For birdwatching in Ambler, visit the Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve. This 11-acre pond is near Wissahickon Creek. The area was a BoRit Asbestos Superfund Site until it was cleaned up in 2017. While walking the pond, you’ll notice many different birds. 

Hawk’s Nest viewing platform

The Hawk’s Nest bird observation platform at Wissahickon is a great place to see birds from above. Built by local Eagle Scout Dominick Ortolani, the platform offers a unique view of the vernal pool area. It also gives visitors an idea of what birds can look like from a different perspective. You’ll glad you read this!

Evans-Mumbower Mill

The Wissahickon Waterfolk Preserve is located in Ambler near the infamous BoRit Asbestos Superfund Site. Since the site was cleaned from asbestos-related hazards, you can now take a scenic walk around the 11-acre pond. Many species of birds can be found here.

The Mill is a historic building located on the banks of the Wissahickon Creek. Built around 1744, it was last used by David Mumbower in the 1930s. Now owned by the Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve, the mill is operated using water power to grind corn. It’s one of only a handful of working mills on the creek. Volunteers dress in 19th century costumes and serve up tasty treats.

Dodsworth Run Preserve

Located in Upper Gwynedd, Dodsworth Run is a 9.4-acre parcel that is open to the public. A donation from Merck & Co., Inc. helped create the preserve, which opened on May 12. The Dodsworth Run Preserve has a vernal pond, which is a stopover for migrating shorebirds. The vernal pool is a great place to observe yellowlegs, sandpipers, and even hawks. Hawks are often seen, and you can view them from the Hawk’s Nest, which accommodates six people at a time. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Fort Washington State Park

While the park is filled with modern recreational amenities, its historic significance is not lost. Its name comes from the temporary fort built by George Washington’s troops before the journey to Valley Forge. Today, the park is popular with picnickers, hikers, and birders. While the park has historical significance, its historical importance makes it popular among birders, hikers, and picnickers.

Ambler’s history dates back to 1682. In this period, Ambler was known as the town of Harmer. It was named for two brothers who were responsible for the establishment of the town. These men had many mills in the area. The Ambler Manufacturing Plant was a successful business and produced blankets and clothing for Ambler’s citizens.

Impact of Revitalization Process on West Ambler PA

The Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve in Ambler PA is an area of high environmental value that is being rejuvenated by the city. While the area has long been a popular spot for wildlife enthusiasts, the revitalization process is raising concerns about the site’s water quality and its deteriorating property values. Fortunately, the township is addressing these concerns with a revitalization plan that is centered on improving West Ambler.

The EPA is working with various partners to clean up and restore the area’s environment. In the city of Ambler, Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association is the local nonprofit land trust that protects the creek that flows through the city. The Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve, which was founded in 1957, owns a portion of the BoRit Superfund Site and maintains it as a nature reserve.

Chimney swift towers

The Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve is a nonprofit organization with 18 acres of preserve to explore. You can visit this location on foot, car, bus or regional rail. It is a great place to watch raptors and see wintering birds. The natural beauty of this place is worth the visit in and of itself.

In 2018, the preserve installed two chimney swift roosting towers, a nesting structure and a nesting platform. While chimney swift numbers are on the decline, this habitat project is vital to helping these beautiful birds. It is also important for the conservation of the birds, whose numbers are dwindling across the world. Browse next article.


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